Will we…? Ever?

Heart drawing on mist glass

How long before you run out of empathy? Or kindness? How long before you run out of dignity or connection or ability to lead?

Will you run out?

Sometimes we act like these are scarce, to be dispensed little by little, as if there is a limited inventory.

The truth is that they replenish themselves, but only when used. A posture of generosity. I call this posture a graceful one.

Lately, I felt like I’m losing this posture. I focused on my needs more than usual. It leaves me with a bitter taste of sadness. What I remind myself is that to be generous to others is one of the most human acts that available to me… to us.

It’s our birthright to be graceful. This world makes it available for us to open ourselves to this opportunity and make connections that feed our souls.

I hope you will.

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