Meditation journeys #1 – Intro

I love meditation. It has profoundly transformed my life in such a way I never thought it was possible. Without exception, I always learn something about myself after every session for many years now.

There are many ways to meditate, and I’d like to share how I see and practice it.

Meditation is not about stopping thoughts and clearing your mind, AND it is not about forcing yourself to think and feel in a certain way.

I don’t use meditation to infuse my mind with specific thoughts. I don’t use it simply to change my behaviours. I don’t like to listen to scripts or follow instructions because it doesn’t work that way. Because it doesn’t come from me, they are not my thoughts, not my feelings. I cannot genuinely act on them.

Think about repeating yourself for 10 minutes every day that you are the king. Say it “I’m the king. I’m the king. I’m the king…” Yes, maybe you can end up with a royal ego with a grand illusion. Alas, it doesn’t make you the king.

Behavioural therapies require more than thinking and listening; you need repetitive actions to improve and fix them. Thinking by itself doesn’t give you the ability. Thinking is not doing.

What you can do is use the gained awareness of yourself to create a better stand in life. That includes understanding what you need to have healthy behaviours and what you need to do to develop healthy habits. First, though, you need to connect with yourself.

Meditation is about awareness. It is about understanding, embracing and creating a deeper connection with oneself.

I recognise myself through meditating. It is my thought recognition process where I don’t act on any of it. I don’t analyse my feelings. I’m aware of them, I let them come and go. Calmly accepting every and each one of my thoughts and feelings without judgement and fear.

Meditation gives me a bigger vision that I can see nothing in this life permanent. By only experiencing how my thoughts are always on the flow and how my feelings come and go. Replaced by another one and that one by another again.

I learned patience. I learned not to dwell but to be open… Not to judge but to be compassionate… First towards myself and then to others.

More importantly, meditation allows me to see what I should address later to heal and grow myself every day. I use meditation to connect with myself, understand my thought processes, digest my feelings and gain an overall awareness of it all.

Often this awareness leads me to read, learn more and do something about one particular matter in mind at a time, where my personal growth and healing happens… And that’s what I will be sharing in the next posts.

Until then, here are some of my mottos that I wake up to every morning. Let me know if any of them resonates with you 🙂


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